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Tyrant's Scouting Small School Studs (TS4) Player Spotlight: Jordan Morgan

May 23, 2016

Jordan Morgan

⭐⭐J.Morgan Scouting Report⭐⭐

 Jordan is the starting LT and D2 All American for Kutztown University. He is currently my #1 D2 Guard, and with some key matchups at a Senior All Star game, he could get drafted. I got to catch up a little with Jordan, and it went really well.

TS: What's up Jordan? I just want to thank you for participating in this TS4 interview.

JM: No problem, thank you for having me!

TS: You're welcome! So, how did you decide on Kutztown University to play ball?

JM: It's a funny story actually. I had only played football my senior year of high school due to a requirement I needed to fill in order to graduate. Was really rough around the edges and had no intentions of college ball until KU came to my high school to scout other players and ended up grabbing me instead.

TS: That's awesome, so you didn't start playing ball until your senior year? That's pretty crazy!

JM: Yeah basketball was my first sport, I had never put any focus toward football until that point but I ended up falling in love with it.

TS: There are plenty of Ex-basketball players in the NFL. Now, I can tell from watching tape, you take a lot of pride in run blocking. How about pass protection? What do you find harder to defend, speed or power?

JM: I take pride in all facets of the game, I feel as if I'm going to

invest so much time into this why not be a dominant player?! But I personally think power used to right way can be very crafty.

TS: Who is you're favorite NFL player to watch? Or who do you try to emulate?

JM: I personally love the Cowboys O -line, huge fan of Tyron smith and La'el Collins. Tyron is such a master technician, and La'el Collins in the run game is truly something to behold. I aspire to be a mix of the two if I ever could haha

TS: That's a big goal, but I like it. So would you be open to a position change, say Center or Guard?

JM: Most definitely! I just fell in  love with the intricacies of OL, and I'm open to it all. I know due to size id be viewed in those roles and I'd be eager to do it ! I just want to compete.

TS: I think if given a shot you could make some noise. So what is the craziest stadium you ever played in?

JM: I'd say Bloomsburg of the 2015 season. We went up there on their homecoming and they had fans coming out the wood works to support them, was a nice crowd.

TS: That's great, Homecomings are always amped up. If there was one pass rusher in your class that you could match up with, who would it be and why?

JM: Honestly, I don't believe in following the hype of people, but game respects game. I'd love to line up against some of the top D1 guys, be it at Defensive End or Tackle. I have a lot to prove and I believe I can shock some people.

TS: I think so too Jordan, that's why you're part of my TS4 roster. Is there anything most people don't know about you?

JM: I cut hair. Lol I used to do it for myself and my friends.

TS: Nice! The Barber! Thats awesome, really awesome. Is there anything else you would like to throw out there?

JM: Nothing much, just keep your eyes peeled for my 2016 season!

TS: Thanks Jordan. I look forward to watching you play this year!

JM: Thanks again for having me, I appreciate it!

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Tyrant Scouting Small School Studs (TS4) Player Spotlight: Tyson Graham Jr--Scouting Report and Interview

May 21, 2016

Tyson Graham Jr

⭐⭐Scouting Report⭐⭐

​​​​Tyson Graham Jr. is a South Dakota safety not afraid to come downhill  and mix it up. He's my #3 ranked Safety in this FCS class. He has natural size and ability to play Strong Safety in the NFL. I got to sit him down and ask him a few questions.

TS: Do you have any Nicknames that your friends or teammates call you?

TGJ: Some people call me T.Graham. Another nickname is 50.

TS: Is there a reason for the 50 nickname?

TGJ: Lol well my first name Tyson. And there's this "rapper" who calls himself 50 Tyson so they kinda just gave me the name 50 off that.

TS: Nice. I like it. Is there anything special behind your jersey number or no?

TGJ:Yeah, my freshman year I was number 10. Once I made the transition over to safety, I changed over to #8. #8 in the bible represents a "New Beginning". So, ever since then, I've been rocking with that number. It's a special number to me. I even have it tatted on my arm.

TS: That's awesome. Love it when a jersey number has serious meaning like that. Is there any current pro you like to model your game after? Or who's style do you consider most similar to your own?

TGJ: I kinda like to model my game after Kam Chancellor and Sean Taylor. Those are my two favorite safeties. Both very physical players and not afraid to come down in the box and lay the wood. Sean Taylor was on another level, he was one of a kind. I think many safeties, even in the NFL mold their game after Sean T. He paved the way for a lot of guys.

TS: I agree with you there, and I can definitely see Some Bam Bam Kam in your game. So the new craze both in the NFL and at the collegiate level is the Money Backer,  Big Safety "position". That hybrid safety/linebacker spot like Arizona's Buchannon. Do you feel like that is a position you could play?

TGJ: I definitely do. I feel as though I'm physical enough and able to enough to do so. I think with my frame it'll be easier to put on about 15-20 pounds which will help against those big backs you'll be going up against in the league.

     The only difference would be you're reaction time is going to be much quicker especially at the LB position. You just have to read and react. But I definitely I'll be able to show great production at the position.

TS: Once again, I agree with you. I think you could transition pretty easily. Im sure there would be a learning curve, but I think you could excell. Speaking of big backs, who's been the toughest guy to bring down that you've matched up with?

TGJ: Gotta go with David Johnson from UNI who's now with the Arizona Cardinals. At 6'2 230 you can only imagine.

TS: I think there are a few guys in the NFL who could validate that. What's something most people don't know about you?

TGJ: Eh, all throughout high school I was about 5'8 maybe 5'9 and just sprouted. Wasn't very muscular either.

TS: So, you were just a late bloomer. I'm sure South Dakota is okay with that. So who is your favorite NFL team?

TGJ: They definitely are. Washington Redskins...I would say majority of the reason had to do with Sean Taylor. But I was still a redskins fan even before Sean T came over back when it was Clinton Portis, Shawn Springs, London Fletcher..etc. I'm still a fan til this day.

TS:I feel like the 'Skins truly embody the Under dog mentality. What's one motto that you live by?

TGJ: Yes sir they do. "Low Life Lifestyle"..It stands for Lack of Worries..It was started by some football players at WVU, and the movement has grown tremendously. And after reading the story behind it I purchased a wrist band and actually started living it. Making positive choices every day and not allow worries or anything to consume my life. I mean it's not easy, but it takes a big commitment. I never take that band off.

TS: That's amazing. It sounds very beneficial. I'll have to do some more research. We're getting close to wrapping up, anything special to throw out to your fans?

TGJ: I'm the Madden king! Lol 

TS: I'm assuming you play with the Redskins. If I got you a TS4 shirt, would you wear it for a picture? And If you were a small school guy looking to get a little exposure, who would you hit up?

TGJ: I play with anyone. And I certainly would. I'd hit up Tyrant Scouting for sure.

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TS4 Plans for the year.

May 21, 2016

     My TS4 team is not just top rated FCS players, it's guys I project to have outstanding seasons. I would like to use the off-season to get to know some of these guys. My plans include:

-Weekly Player Spotlights

-Player interviews

-Once the Season starts we'll have a weekly Stats reporting along with Rising/Falling list

Everyone on my TS4 list send an updated email on Twitter Tyrant Scouting

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Tyrant Scouting Draft Review: Tennessee Titans

May 21, 2016
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Conklin Scouting Report

Pick no. 8--Jack Conklin ( Tackle, Michigan State)

     After a failed experiment with Jeremiah Poutasi at RT, the Titans took Byron Bell from LG to RT and he struggled terribly. After giving up constant pressure from RT last year, Titans pulled the trigger on a stud Tackle who is best suited to the right side. Critics will say "You don't draft a right tackle that high." I'm sure you all witnessed Von Miller's dismantling of Mike Remmers in the Super Bowl. Needless to say I'm not one of those critics. Great pick here and his tenacity in the run game should help tremendously.

Pick no. 33--Kevin Dodd ( Defensive End, Clemson)

     While I wasn't 100% on this pick with Noah Spence still on the board, Dodd had a monster year last year. He wrecked the competition to the tune of 23.5 TFL's and 12 sacks. He has a non stop motor but lacks ideal measurable. Initially, he will just come in as relief for starters Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan.

Austin Johnson Scouting Report

Pick no. 43--Austin Johnson ( DL, Penn State)

     This is a sneaky good pick here, Johnson's run stopping ability isn't as good as Alabama's Reed and Robinson. But, he has more upside as a pass rusher. He's another non stop motor guy, and will immediately compete for a starting job, either at Nose Tackle or DE opposite of Jurrell Casey.

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Pick no. 45--Derrick Henry ( RB, Alabama) Henry, the current Heisman winner, was leaned on heavily in the Tides championship run.  He's a huge power back with underrated speed, and should provide some spark as Demarco Murray's backup. This is a solid pick up considering the previous depth and Murray's injury history.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Pick no. 64--Kevin Byard ( Safety, MTSU)

     Byard is a ball hawk at the Safety position and snagged 19 interceptions in his career at MTSU. Apparently, his football knowledge and cerebral abilities are what made him stand out to GM Robinson. Byard should compete for the starting FS job, and has a shot to win it.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Pick no. 140--Tajae Sharpe ( WR, UMASS)

      Tajae had a great career at UMass, compiling 3,486 passing yards and 16 touchdowns. His route running is above average and he has 4.5 speed. I fully expect him to get relegated to 4th receiver duties behind Green-Beckam, Matthews, and Wright.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Pick no. 156--Leshaun Sims ( CB, Southern Utah)

     Sims is a tough, gritty corner with great size (6'0, 203 lbs). His greatest strength is his press coverage. His career stats at Southern Utah include 25 break ups and 8 interceptions. After last year's dumpster fire in the secondary, no one should be safe and Sims has a shot to crack the starting line up.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Pick no. 193--Sebastian Tretola ( Guard, Arkansas)

     Tretola is the last addition to a Titans line that was overhauled this off-season. He is a nasty run blocker, who loves to get in your face and knock you down. His pass protection is a little raw, but he has the skills to start from day 1 at Guard. Additions of Conklin, Tretola and ex-Texan Ben Jones should help bring this line back to credibility.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pick no. 222--Aaron Wallace ( LB, UCLA)

     Aaron is a very solid developmental prospect at LB. He was actually one of my sleepers, along with Kalan Reed. Wallace has all the measurables to be a starter soon. He has great size (6'3, 240 lbs) and had a good workout with 25 reps of 225 and a 4.57 40 yard dash. I could see him getting time at any LB spot, and he could even stick as an ILB. He's very familiar with Tennessee LB coach Lou Spanos, who was his DC his first two years at UCLA.


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Kalan Reed Scouting Report

Pick no. 253--Kalan Reed ( CB, Southern Miss)

Kalan Reed Interview

     Another solid pick up in the 7th round. Kalan was a playmaker for USM, with 8 career picks and 19 passes broken up his senior year. He also has great size (5'11, 192lbs) and athleticism for the position. He posted a 4.49 40 yard dash and a 41.5 vertical at his pro day. He should also be able to come in and compete.  


New GM John Robinson had a solid draft, overhauling Tennessee's two biggest weaknesses (Offensive Line and Secondary) and creating a lot of Roster competition. He saved his developmental, good potential guys for late picks. I'd say overall grade: B+

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Tyrant's Top 20 D1 Prospects for 2017 NFL Draft

May 20, 2016

1)Myles Garrett (DE, TAMU)--Potentially the best pass rusher to come out recently. Unreal first step and one on one will wreck tackles.

2)Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)--Powerhouse RB who can do it all, great burst and speed as well. Should continue to build the hype train.

3)Deshaun Watson (QB, Clemson)--Mobile QB with very solid accuracy. Can buy time with his legs and make you pay.

4)Christian McCaffrey (RB, Stan)--Elusive and dangerous, had a monster year last year and should continue his success this year.

5)Jonathan Allen (DL, Bama)--Versatile D-lineman, who most had pegged as a mid 1st rounder last year. Should shine in a leadership role.

6)Jalen Tabor (CB, Fla)--Confident corner with good size and speed. Good playmaking ability and not afraid to get in on some run support.

7)Brad Kaaya (QB, Miami)--High football IQ and probably the best prototypical QB in the draft. QB premium should make him a top 2 pick.

8)Carl Lawson (DE, Aub)--Fires off the ball and has great hands, held his own against Dolphins Laremy Tunsil.

9)Dalvin Cook (RB, FSU)--Potential home-run hitter, with explosive burst and plenty of moves to make people miss.

10)OJ Howard (TE, Bama)--Big downfield receiving threat. Had a monster game in the National Championship.

11)Raekwon McMillan (LB, Ohio State)--Defensive general of the Buckeyes defense, he sets them up to be successful. Good coverage skills and consistent tackler.

12)Tim Williams (LB, Bama)--Very effective in limited snaps last season. Expecting a break out year for the Tide.

13)Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)--If he completely bounces back, his break away speed and powerful running style are enticing.

14)Roderick Johnson (T, FSU)--With Cam Robinson out, Rod takes the lead dog role. Great size and solid technique.

15)Jabrill Peppers (S, Mich)--Versatile DB with good range, and brings an edge to the backfield. Next hybrid Safety/Linebacker which is a growing trend.

16)Mike Williams (WR, Clemson)--Finally back to full strength and should be ready to expand on his 2014 success. Should be a huge benefactor of Watson's Heisman campaign. 

17)Reuben Foster (LB, Bama)--Violent tackler and has the size to be a traditional 3-4 inside backer, with just enough coverage ability for 3 downs.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

18)Jarrad Davis (LB, Fla)--Athletic LB who came back for his Senior season. Should be one of the most productive in the country this season.

19)Pat Elflein (G, Ohio State)--Has been a mainstay on this Buckeye O-line, helping to pave the way for Meyers' unique rushing attack.

20)Adoree' Jackson (CB, USC)--Solid coverage corner and dynamic return man. Does a great job breaking up passes but more interceptions this year could vault him into the top 10.

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Green Bay Packers Draft Review

May 11, 2016

We are 11 days removed from the NFL Draft and everybody is now eagerly anticipating the start of the 2016 season. Green Bay will be in the first game of the year as it takes on the Indianapolis Colts in the Hall of Fame Game Aug. 7. The Packers will look to improve upon their 10-6 record from last year. They originally had nine selections in last month's NFL Draft, but traded two picks in order to move up in the second round. Green Bay finished with the seven selections.

In the first round, the green and gold selected UCLA defensive lineman Kenny Clark. The versatile Clark can play either nose tackle or defensive end in the 3-4 scheme. He will probably start out at defensive end with Letroy Guion as the starting nose tackle. He is a perfect fit for the 3-4 defense. Clark possesses great strength as he was a high school wrestling champ. He excels against the run, where Green Bay finished 29th in the NFL in opponents yards per carry last season. Not a sexy selection as most Packers fans wanted Clark's college teammate, Myles Jack, with this selection, but he was a pick that was necessary to fill a gaping hole on the defensive line after the retirement of B.J. Raji.

In the early years of the Ted Thompson era, Thompson would not trade up. But over the past number of years, Thompson has shown the willingness to trade up if he sees a player he wants. That was no different this year, as Green Bay traded up in the second round with Indianapolis to nab Indiana offensive tackle Jason Spriggs. The former Hoosier was a second team All-Big Ten selection last season as well as being one of the six semifinalists for the Outland Trophy. Green Bay has five offensive linemen who are free agents next offseason and it will not be able to keep all of them. One thought is having Spriggs play left tackle and then re-signing David Bakhtiari and moving him inside to guard. One of the reasons I like Thompson is that he looks beyond this year and immediate needs.

In my very first Packers mock draft, I had Green Bay taking Utah State linebacker Kyler Fackrell in the second round. The Pack Attack was fortunate enough to get him in the third. With Julius Peppers probably gone after the year and Nick Perry only re-signed to a one-year deal, the Packers needed to draft a linebacker to pair with Clay Matthews. Fackrell is already 25 and is one year removed from ACL surgery. He was not quite the same player, but usually it is the second year after surgery that the player gets back to full strength. Even though it was his first year after surgery, he was an All-Mountain West first team selection and and was a semifinalist for the Butkus Award, given to the nation's top linebacker. He could make the biggest impact out of all the Packers draft picks.

In day three of the draft, Green Bay took another defensive lineman, offensive lineman and linebacker while adding a wide receiver as well. In the fourth round, the Packers selected Stanford linebacker Blake Martinez and Northwestern defensive end Dean Lowry. Green Bay has a big need at inside linebacker with the Claymaker being moved back to outside and it may have found an answer in Martinez. The Stanford product was a tackling machine, leading the Pac-12 with 141 tackles and being named third team All-American. He will come in and compete for a starting spot against 2014 draft pick Jake Ryan. Lowry has good size to be a 3-4 defensive end and he improved every year since joining the Wildcats. He played well in Shrine Game practices and with Josh Boyd being cut and Mike Pennel being suspended for the first four games, Lowry has a very good chance of making the roster.

With their fifth round pick, the Packers took California wide receiver Trevor Davis, a speedster who has tremendous kick return ability. Davis will likely compete for a roster spot with former second round pick Davante Adams and Jared Abbrederis. Green Bay is likely to keep two. In the sixth round, the Packers took Stanford offensive tackle Kyle Murphy to complete its draft. Murphy helped anchor an offensive line that helped Christian McCaffrey explode onto the national scene and arguably should have been the Heisman Trophy winner. Like I mentioned above, Green Bay has five free agent offensive linemen next offseason, not to mention the Packers lack of depth on the offensive line hurt them last year, so it is not surprising they took multiple linemen this year. Murphy is a tough, powerful offensive lineman who will fit right in with Green Bay. He will likely be a right tackle in the NFL.

This was not a "sexy" draft by any means, but this draft was needed in terms of getting better in the trenches in current and future seasons. Most fans wanted Jack, but Thompson took the smart way by getting a defensive lineman who will start immediately and help a run defense that finished near the bottom last season. Fackrell is not a big name, but he is a perfect fit for the scheme and has a chance to make an impact this season. Only time will tell, but this seems like a solid draft for the Packers.

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Written by: Pat Schuster

Post NFL Draft Rants, Reviews and Ideas

May 07, 2016

Makes me laugh reading how the national media still has to push letter grades minutes after the draft is over. I’m all for a round-table discussion of picks you liked and didn’t like but to act as if minutes after it is over we need a letter grade is insane. I’ll listen to any in the folks in the media on their letter grade that first shows the letter grades they gave teams the previous seasons. How many of them gave poor grades to the teams that drafted players such as Luke Joeckel, Barkevious Mingo, Dee Milliner or Chance Warmack? Not many I’m sure.

As for the coverage on both ESPN and NFL Network, I felt they did a solid job with the hand they are dealt. Fans want to hear the picks of their teams and could do without all the delays for the announcement of each pick. Can’t some of that be done while on commercial break or prior to coverage starting. I don’t know a more passionate fan of football but sitting through the countless times of hearing "Bob Smith from Albuquerque, New Mexico" working with a former NFL great to announce a second or third round pick gets old very fast.

For the first time I found myself watching more of the NFL Network coverage then ESPN as some of the ESPN stuff seems forced. Could Mel and Todd really disagree so much? Mel must look at Todd and think I was once young too. I prefer to enjoy the smooth work of Charles Davis, Mike Mayock and company. One guy on ESPN that is a true rising star in the football ranks is Louis Riddick. He is a must for any and NFL coverage. Now if the NFL Network could just improve its general programming we might have something.

If I’m an NFL team owner (I only wish) that needs to rebuild my first two calls are to David Shaw and Urban Meyer. They are modern day Jimmy Johnsons producing NFL stars but the dozens each year. The work David Shaw does with the academic requirements at Stanford is even that much more impressive. I would include Nick Saban with Shaw and Meyer but I think Nick stays in Tuscaloosa for the remainder of his career.

Leave it to the Eagles, with the discussion that the NFL Draft might move next year to Philadelphia, isn’t it poetic justice that they don’t have a first round pick in 2017. I’m sure their hardcore fans will still be there to fight with other fans that come to town to watch the draft. In all seriousness, I’m glad they are moving the draft every few years as all fans deserve the chance to see the spectacle that is the NFL Draft.

I hope the latest revelations about the Sandusky case in State College will finally put to bed the crazy talk about putting up the Paterno statue again. I like the tweet I read that said they should put it back up just have it looking the other way.

It seems as each day goes by Paxton Lynch gets better and better, soon many will wonder why the Rams passed on him.

Cleveland you are on the clock and DeShaun Watson will be the pick.

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Written by: Pat Schuster

It’s Our Option: 13 former first round picks to watch this year

May 03, 2016
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

A surprising number of players did not have their fifth year options picked up by their teams this off-season. Granted this does not mean they are walking out the door next year but it will make it very interesting to monitor this upcoming season as teams may be facing a tough decision in spring of 2017 on what now is the fair market value for their investment. We will get to see who has the DeMarco Murray syndrome, putting it all together in a contract year and who is ready to take the last of their rookie deal and move on from football. This season the future for these lucky 13 is squarely in their hands and hopefully for them they all have big paydays come next spring.

Luke Joeckel, OT, Jaguars

If Luke plays well there will certainly be a market for a young tackle and with the Jaguars always at the bottom of the salary cap spent they should be able to resign him on their terms. If not he may have the option to return to Texas and play with the Texans.

Barkevious Mingo, OLB, Browns

Often with new regime in place players who were underachievers from the previous coaching staff fall almost immediately out of favor with the new group. Unless Barkevious truly has a breakout year it will be more than likely he lands somewhere else to continue his career.

Jonathan Cooper, G, Patriots

Traded to the Patriots this off-season so Cooper is at least wanted by his new bosses so if he performs he’ll get a fair market offer and would be wise to stick with one of the best franchise over rolling the dice and leave for a third team.

Dee Milliner, CB, Jets

Injuries and spotting performance made this decision a no-brainer for the Jets. Granted should he finally perform to his draft position he’ll have his pick of new homes and could land in Dallas where Morris Claiborne is playing too on a one year show me deal.

Chance Warmack, G, Titans

Has under-performed but so has the entire franchise for the past several seasons. Chance will get a chance to shine blocking for DeMarco Murray and a pair of Heisman trophy winners in Mariota and Henry. If the team succeeds he’ll certainly be rewarded.

DJ Hayden, CB, Raiders

Certainly a reach when he was drafted and with some injury history this is a true show me year for Hayden and year two of the new regime in Oakland. He likely will be looking for new employed after the season.

E.J. Manuel, QB, Bills

Another reach by a prior coaching staff and EJ will now have to hold off Cardale Jones at the #2 spot. A change of scenery for E.J. likely will happen and possibly landing in San Diego or New Orleans makes a lot of sense.

Jarvis Jones, OLB, Steelers

Production certainly did not match the price tag of the 5th year option so credit to Pittsburgh for rolling the dice. Unless he blows the doors off the place he likely will play elsewhere and still have a very good career with the Steelers getting a compensatory pick down the road. Jarvis would be an interesting add to a team like Atlanta or Miami.

Bjoern Werner, DE, Colts

The worst pick of this first round as the Colts cut him before even considering the option. Werner will be lucky to land a roster spot this off-season.

Datone Jones, DE, Packers

Not picking up the option is how Ted Thompson seems to roll but that also means less than stellar first round picks. Datone should stay part of the rotation on the defense and will have to consider staying with the known or taking probably a slightly better offer elsewhere and seeing if the grass is greener.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sylvester Williams, DT, Broncos

Tough to wear the crown but they have to worry about the cap space all the time. Sylvester is an intrigue player who is part of a bigger whole but likely will get an offer too good to pass up and will be elsewhere in 2017.

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Vikings

Has big play ability but still has been a disappointment to this point for the Vikings and drafting Treadwell should show their long term thoughts on him. Cordarrell will likely be wearing a different uniform after this season.

Matt Elam, S, Ravens

When healthy he is a big play guy but with the fiscally conservative Ravens calling the shots on contracts it’s a fairly safe bet that Matt ends up elsewhere in 2017.

After the draft weekend when the “experts” have given out their grades as if they are written in stone it always makes me remember how the Dallas Cowboys were crushed for reaching a few years ago after selecting Travis Frederick in round one.   A few Pro Bowls later and now I can’t seem to find those “experts” anywhere.   Remember don’t get too pumped or to low when it comes to who your team picks.

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Written by: Pat Schuster

Best Available Players for Day 3 of the NFL Draft

April 29, 2016
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A few head scratching moments tonight but only time will tell who got it right and who got it run on day 2 of the NFL Draft.  Some real gems still on the board and some lucky teams are going to add some studs to their rosters.   

Rank Player Pos. School Ht. Wt.

1 Andrew Billings DT Baylor 6/1 311

2 Connor Cook QB Michigan State 6/4 217

3 Joshua Perry OLB Ohio State 6/4 254

4 Vadal Alexander OG LSU 6/5 326

5 Jeremy Cash SS Duke 6/1 212

6 Kentrell Brothers ILB Missouri 6/1 245

7 Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina 5/11 203

8 Devontae Booker RB Utah 5/11 219

9 Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech 5/10 215

10 Jalen Mills FS LSU 6/1 191

11 Christian Westerman OG Arizona State 6/3 298

12 Alex Collins RB Arkansas 5/10 217

13 Rashard Higgins WR Colorado State 6/1 196

14 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma 6/3 271

15 Jerald Hawkins OT LSU 6/6 305

16 Landon Turner OG North Carolina 6/4 330

17 Dominique Alexander ILB Oklahoma 6/1 232

18 Jordan Howard RB Indiana 6/1 230

19 Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas 6/4 314

20 John Theus OT Georgia 6/6 313

21 Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas 5/11 220

22 Kenny Lawler WR California 6/2 203

23 Maurice Canady CB Virginia 6/1 193

24 Jordan Payton WR UCLA 6/1 207

25 Kyle Murphy OT Stanford 6/6 305

26 Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma 5/11 185

27 Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple 6/1 238

28 Kolby Listenbee WR TCU 6/1 197

29 Jeff Driskel QB Louisiana Tech 6/4 234

30 Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa 6/3 220

31 Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State 6/2 226

32 Connor McGovern OG Missouri 6/4 306

33 Jerell Adams TE South Carolina 6/5 247

34 Aaron Burbridge WR Michigan State 6/1 206

35 Miles Killebrew SS Southern Utah 6/2 217

36 Jason Fanaika DE Utah 6/2 271

37 Paul Perkins RB UCLA 5/10 208

38 Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State 6/6 304

39 D.J. White CB Georgia Tech 5/11 193

40 Bralon Addison WR Oregon 5/9 197

41 Travis Feeney OLB Washington 6/4 230

42 Jonathan Jones CB Auburn 5/9 186

43 Sheldon Day DT Notre Dame 6/1 293

44 Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky 6/6 249

45 Cole Toner OT Harvard 6/5 306

46 Spencer Drango OG Baylor 6/6 315

47 Joe Schobert OLB Wisconsin 6/1 244

48 Eric Murray CB Minnesota 5/11 199

49 Daniel Lasco RB California 6/1 209

50 Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green 6/1 201

51 Harlan Miller CB Southeastern Louisiana 6/1 182

52 Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State 6/3 275

53 Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia 6/1 198

54 Scooby Wright III ILB Arizona 6/1 239

55 Rashard Robinson CB LSU 6/1 171

56 Paul McRoberts WR Southeast Missouri State 6/2 202

57 Bryce Williams TE East Carolina 6/6 257

58 Cardale Jones QB Ohio State 6/5 253

59 Kevon Seymour CB Southern California 5/11 186

60 Eric Striker OLB Oklahoma 5/11 227

61 Tyler Ervin RB San Jose State 5/10 192

62 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas 6/3 303

63 Ronald Blair DE Appalachian State 6/2 284

64 Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas State 6/2 239

65 Evan Boehm C Missouri 6/2 302

66 Tajae Sharpe WR Massachusetts 6/2 194

67 Fahn Cooper OT Ole Miss 6/4 303

68 Charone Peake WR Clemson 6/2 209

69 Jayron Kearse SS Clemson 6/4 216

70 Kelvin Taylor RB Florida 5/10 207

71 Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB Minnesota 5/9 193

72 Tom Hackett P Utah 5/10 198

73 Willie Beavers OT Western Michigan 6/5 321

74 Temarrick Hemingway TE South Carolina State 6/5 244

75 Austin Blythe C Iowa 6/2 298

76 Ben Braunecker TE Harvard 6/3 250

77 Morgan Burns CB Kansas State 5/10 200

78 Josh Ferguson RB Illinois 5/9 198

79 Thomas Duarte WR UCLA 6/2 231

80 Jatavis Brown OLB Akron 5/11 221

81 Kevin Hogan QB Stanford 6/3 218

82 Tavon Young CB Temple 5/9 183

83 Matt Ioannidis DT Temple 6/3 299

84 KJ Dillon SS West Virginia 6/1 210

85 De'Vondre Campbell OLB Minnesota 6/4 232

86 Cody Core WR Ole Miss 6/3 205

87 Romeo Okwara DE Notre Dame 6/5 265

88 Blake Martinez ILB Stanford 6/2 237

89 Willie Henry DT Michigan 6/3 303

90 DeAndre Washington RB Texas Tech 5/8 204

91 Beau Sandland TE Montana State 6/4 253

92 Ken Crawley CB Colorado 6/1 187

93 Keith Marshall RB Georgia 5/11 219

94 Jaydon Mickens WR Washington 5/10 174

95 D.J. Reader DT Clemson 6/3 327

96 James Cowser DE Southern Utah 6/3 248

97 Cre'von LeBlanc CB Florida Atlantic 5/10 192

98 Brandon Shell OT South Carolina 6/5 324

99 Aziz Shittu DE Stanford 6/2 284

100 Demarcus Robinson WR Florida 6/1 203

101 Denver Kirkland OG Arkansas 6/4 335

102 Dadi Lhomme Nicolas OLB Virginia Tech 6/3 235

103 Jared Norris ILB Utah 6/1 241

104 De'Runnya Wilson WR Mississippi State 6/5 224

105 Henry Krieger Coble TE Iowa 6/3 248

106 Geronimo Allison WR Illinois 6/3 196

107 Aaron Green RB TCU 5/11 203

108 Victor Ochi OLB Stony Brook 6/1 246

109 Alex Lewis OT Nebraska 6/6 312

110 Wendell Smallwood RB West Virginia 5/10 208

111 Kevin Peterson CB Oklahoma State 5/10 181

112 David Morgan II TE Texas-San Antonio 6/4 262

113 DeAndre Houston-Carson FS William & Mary 6/1 201

114 D.J. Pettway DE Alabama 6/2 265

115 Donte Deayon CB Boise State 5/9 155

116 Joe Dahl OG Washington State 6/4 304

117 Nile Lawrence-Stample DT Florida State 6/1 320

118 Jordan Lucas SS Penn State 6/1 201

119 Tyvis Powell FS Ohio State 6/3 211

120 Brandon Doughty QB Western Kentucky 6/3 213

121 Avery Young OT Auburn 6/5 328

122 Nick Kwiatkoski ILB West Virginia 6/2 243

123 Dan Vitale FB Northwestern 6/1 239

124 Mike Thomas WR Southern Mississippi 6/1 197

125 Jake Coker QB Alabama 6/5 244

126 Daniel Braverman WR Western Michigan 5/10 178

127 Darion Griswold TE Arkansas State 6/3 253

128 Anthony Zettel DE Penn State 6/4 277

129 Marshall Morgan K Georgia 6/2 194

130 Trae Elston SS Ole Miss 5/11 195

131 Parker Ehinger OG Cincinnati 6/6 310

132 Antwione Williams OLB Georgia Southern 6/3 247

133 Pearce Slater OT San Diego State 6/7 329

134 Kavon Frazier FS Central Michigan 6/1 217

135 Derek Watt FB Wisconsin 6/2 234

136 Stephen Weatherly DE Vanderbilt 6/4 267

137 Ian Seau OLB Nevada 6/2 259

138 Deiondre' Hall CB Northern Iowa 6/2 199

139 Antwaun Woods DT Southern California 6/1 318

140 Tre Madden RB Southern California 6/1 223

141 Jack Allen C Michigan State 6/1 294

142 Tanner McEvoy TE Wisconsin 6/6 231

143 Juston Burris CB NC State 6/1 212

144 Luther Maddy DT Virginia Tech 6/1 287

145 Clayton Fejedelem FS Illinois 6/1 200

146 Curt Maggitt OLB Tennessee 6/3 247

147 David J. Grinnage TE NC State 6/5 248

148 Chris BrownInjured WR Notre Dame 6/2 194

149 Kyle Friend OG Temple 6/1 295

150 Chris Swain FB Navy 6/1 247

151 D.J. Foster RB Arizona State 5/10 193

152 LeShaun Sims CB Southern Utah 6/1 203

153 Nick Richter OT Richmond 6/5 304

154 Luke Rhodes ILB William & Mary 6/2 239

155 Montese Overton OLB East Carolina 6/2 223

156 Jordan Walsh OG Iowa 6/3 290

157 Brian Poole CB Florida 5/10 213

158 Ricardo Louis WR Auburn 6/2 215

159 Quinton Jefferson DT Maryland 6/4 291

160 Lawrence Thomas DE Michigan State 6/3 286

161 Derrick Kindred SS TCU 5/10 207

162 Nate Sudfeld QB Indiana 6/6 234

163 Caleb Benenoch OT UCLA 6/5 311

164 Travis Greene RB Bowling Green 5/10 192

165 Mike Hilton CB Ole Miss 5/8 179

166 Alex Erickson WR Wisconsin 6/1 197

167 Eric Mac Lain OG Clemson 6/4 315

168 Mike Matthews C Texas A&M 6/2 294

169 Josh Forrest ILB Kentucky 6/3 249

170 Jake McGee TE Florida 6/5 250

171 Clay DeBord OT Eastern Washington 6/6 308

172 Demarcus Ayers WR Houston 5/9 182

173 Connor Wujciak DT Boston College 6/2 291

174 Terrance Smith OLB Florida State 6/3 235

175 Cheatham Norrils CB Toledo 6/1 195

176 Drew Kaser P Texas A&M 6/2 212

177 Ron Thompson DE Syracuse 6/3 253

178 Trevon Stewart FS Houston 5/9 195

179 Darrell Greene OG San Diego State 6/3 321

180 Marteze Waller RB Fresno State 5/11 214

181 Soma Vainuku FB Southern California 5/11 246

182 Matt Skura C Duke 6/3 305

183 Ryan Malleck TE Virginia Tech 6/4 247

184 A.J. Zuttah DT Dartmouth 6/2 290

185 Dom Williams WR Washington State 6/2 200

186 Frankie Williams CB Purdue 5/9 190

187 Vernon Adams Jr. QB Oregon 5/11 200

188 Antonio Morrison ILB Florida 6/1 232

189 Joe Gore OT Clemson 6/5 300

190 T.T. Barber OLB Middle Tennessee 6/1 230

191 Michael Caputo SS Wisconsin 6/1 205

192 Brandon Allen QB Arkansas 6/1 217

193 Dean Lowry DE Northwestern 6/6 296

194 Doug Middleton FS Appalachian State 6/1 209

195 Andy Janovich FB Nebraska 6/1 238

196 LaQuan McGowan OG Baylor 6/6 405

197 Halapoulivaati Vaitai OT TCU 6/6 320

198 Steve Longa OLB Rutgers 6/1 241

199 Delvon Simmons DT Southern California 6/5 295

200 Mike Jordan CB Missouri Western State 6/1 200

201 Cayleb Jones WR Arizona 6/3 209

202 Tevin Carter SS Utah 6/1 218

203 Joel Stave QB Wisconsin 6/5 236

204 Sean Price TE South Florida 6/2 249

205 Ka'imi Fairbairn K UCLA 5/11 183

206 Jake Brendel C UCLA 6/4 303

207 Ugonna Awuruonye DE Campbell 6/5 260

208 Lloyd Carrington CB Arizona State 5/11 194

209 Alonzo Russell WR Toledo 6/4 206

210 Riley Dixon P Syracuse 6/4 221

211 B.J. Goodson ILB Clemson 6/1 242

212 Keenan Reynolds RB Navy 5/10 191

213 Patrick Skov FB Georgia Tech 6/1 227

214 Marshaun Coprich RB Illinois State 5/8 207

215 Elijah Shumate SS Notre Dame 6/1 216

216 Jordan Lomax FS Iowa 5/10 202

217 Tyrone Holmes OLB Montana 6/2 253

218 Joel Heath DT Michigan State 6/5 293

219 Ted Karras OG Illinois 6/4 308

220 Taylor Fallin OT Memphis 6/6 340

221 Greg Townsend Jr. DE Southern California 6/2 269

222 Jamaal Jones WR Montana 6/1 191

223 Taveze Calhoun CB Mississippi State 6/1 192

224 Nathan Theus LS Georgia 6/3 250

225 Peyton Barber RB Auburn 5/10 228

226 Ross Martin K Duke 5/9 183

227 Quayvon Hicks FB Georgia 6/1 259

228 Marcus Henry C Boise State 6/2 300

229 Alex McCalister DE Florida 6/6 239

230 Kris Frost OLB Auburn 6/2 240

231 Jalin Marshall WR Ohio State 5/10 200

232 Steven Scheu TE Vanderbilt 6/4 253

233 Elandon Roberts ILB Houston 5/11 233

234 J.J. Whittaker CB San Diego State 5/10 182

235 Trent Matthews FS Colorado State 6/2 210

236 Devon Johnson RB Marshall 6/1 238

237 David Onyemata DT Manitoba 6/3 304

238 Anthony Brown CB Purdue 5/11 192

239 Nelson Spruce WR Colorado 6/1 206

240 Chase Farris OG Ohio State 6/4 306

241 Silverberry Mouhon DE Cincinnati 6/3 252

242 Jordan Williams WR Ball State 6/3 226

243 RJ Williamson SS Michigan State 5/11 213

244 Kyle Carter TE Penn State 6/3 238

245 Davante Harris OT Appalachian State 6/5 306

246 Joey Hunt C TCU 6/2 295

247 Ryan Smith CB North Carolina Central 5/11 189

248 Corey Marshall OLB Virginia Tech 6/1 262

249 Theiren Cockran DE Minnesota 6/5 258

250 Zeek Bigger ILB East Carolina 6/1 216

251 Deon Bush FS Miami (Fla.) 6/1 199

252 Trevon Coley DT Florida Atlantic 6/1 307

253 Devon Cajuste WR Stanford 6/4 234

254 Jordan Simone SS Arizona State 5/11 189

255 Brandon Chubb ILB Wake Forest 6/1 245

256 Josh Dawson DE Georgia 6/3 273

257 Jacobi Green RB Richmond 5/9 196

258 Cassanova McKinzy ILB Auburn 6/1 248

259 Will Monday P Duke 6/4 212

260 Cole Fisher OLB Iowa 6/2 236

261 Chris Moore WR Cincinnati 6/1 206

262 Trayion Durham FB Kent State 6/1 261

263 Vad Lee QB James Madison 6/1 225

264 Mark Weiser TE Buffalo 6/4 245

265 Bennett Okotcha CB Texas-San Antonio 6/1 195

266 Jake Rudock QB Michigan 6/3 199

267 Aaron Morris OG Ole Miss 6/5 311

268 Tyler Johnstone OT Oregon 6/5 301

269 Greg Milhouse Jr. DT Campbell 6/2 309

270 Cory Littleton OLB Washington 6/3 238

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Written by: Pat Schuster

Best Available Players for Day 2

April 28, 2016
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

With day one of the NFL Draft in the books, it's time to get ready for day two and there are some certain day 1 starters that will get taken in rounds two and three.   Make sure to message me on twitter throughout the day to discuss what day two could bring us.

Rank Player Pos. School Ht. Wt.

1 Myles Jack OLB UCLA 6/1 245

2 Reggie Ragland ILB Alabama 6/1 247

3 A'Shawn Robinson DT Alabama 6/4 307

4 Jarran Reed DT Alabama 6/3 307

5 Andrew Billings DT Baylor 6/1 311

6 Mackensie Alexander CB Clemson 5/10 190

7 Emmanuel Ogbah DE Oklahoma State 6/4 273

8 Noah Spence DE Eastern Kentucky 6/2 251

9 Kevin Dodd DE Clemson 6/5 277

10 Jason Spriggs OT Indiana 6/6 301

11 Cody Whitehair OG Kansas State 6/4 301

12 Derrick Henry RB Alabama 6/3 247

13 Connor Cook QB Michigan State 6/4 217

14 Joshua Perry OLB Ohio State 6/4 254

15 Jonathan Bullard DE Florida 6/3 285

16 Tyler Boyd WR Pittsburgh 6/1 197

17 Austin Johnson DT Penn State 6/4 314

18 Michael Thomas WR Ohio State 6/3 212

19 Kendall Fuller CB Virginia Tech 5/11 187

20 Vonn Bell SS Ohio State 5/11 199

21 Vadal Alexander OG LSU 6/5 326

22 Jaylon Smith OLB Notre Dame 6/2 223

23 Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State 6/4 251

24 Shon Coleman OT Auburn 6/5 307

25 Hunter Henry TE Arkansas 6/5 250

26 Jeremy Cash SS Duke 6/1 212

27 Kentrell Brothers ILB Missouri 6/1 245

28 Adolphus Washington DT Ohio State 6/3 301

29 Pharoh Cooper WR South Carolina 5/11 203

30 Su'a Cravens OLB Southern California 6/1 226

31 Devontae Booker RB Utah 5/11 219

32 Le'Raven Clark OT Texas Tech 6/5 316

33 Kenneth Dixon RB Louisiana Tech 5/10 215

34 Nick Martin C Notre Dame 6/4 299

35 Xavien Howard CB Baylor 6/1 201

36 Roberto Aguayo K Florida State 6/1 207

37 Sterling Shepard WR Oklahoma 5/10 194

38 Jalen Mills FS LSU 6/1 191

39 Carl Nassib DE Penn State 6/7 277

40 Kamalei Correa OLB Boise State 6/3 243

41 Braxton Miller WR Ohio State 6/1 201

42 Christian Hackenberg QB Penn State 6/4 223

43 Christian Westerman OG Arizona State 6/3 298

44 Austin Hooper TE Stanford 6/4 254

45 Chris Jones DT Mississippi State 6/6 310

46 Alex Collins RB Arkansas 5/10 217

47 Rashard Higgins WR Colorado State 6/1 196

48 Charles Tapper DE Oklahoma 6/3 271

49 Jerald Hawkins OT LSU 6/6 305

50 Cyrus Jones CB Alabama 5/10 197

51 Landon Turner OG North Carolina 6/4 330

52 Dominique Alexander ILB Oklahoma 6/1 232

53 Jordan Howard RB Indiana 6/1 230

54 Kyler Fackrell OLB Utah State 6/5 245

55 Sebastian Tretola OG Arkansas 6/4 314

56 Leonte Carroo WR Rutgers 6/1 211

57 Will Redmond CB Mississippi State 5/11 182

58 John Theus OT Georgia 6/6 313

59 T.J. Green FS Clemson 6/2 209

60 Javon Hargrave DT South Carolina State 6/1 309

61 Jonathan Williams RB Arkansas 5/11 220

62 Nick Vannett TE Ohio State 6/6 257

63 Kenny Lawler WR California 6/2 203

64 Deion Jones OLB LSU 6/1 222

65 Maurice Canady CB Virginia 6/1 193

66 Darian Thompson FS Boise State 6/2 208

67 Jordan Payton WR UCLA 6/1 207

68 Kyle Murphy OT Stanford 6/6 305

69 Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma 5/11 185

70 Tyler Matakevich ILB Temple 6/1 238

71 Kolby Listenbee WR TCU 6/1 197

72 Maliek Collins DT Nebraska 6/2 311

73 Kenyan Drake RB Alabama 6/1 210

74 Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa 6/3 220

75 Dak Prescott QB Mississippi State 6/2 226

76 Connor McGovern OG Missouri 6/4 306

77 Max Tuerk C Southern California 6/5 298

78 Jordan Jenkins OLB Georgia 6/3 259

79 Jerell Adams TE South Carolina 6/5 247

80 Aaron Burbridge WR Michigan State 6/1 206

81 Bronson Kaufusi DE Brigham Young 6/6 285

82 Miles Killebrew SS Southern Utah 6/2 217

83 Jason Fanaika DE Utah 6/2 271

84 Nick Vigil ILB Utah State 6/2 239

85 Paul Perkins RB UCLA 5/10 208

86 Joe Haeg OT North Dakota State 6/6 304

87 D.J. White CB Georgia Tech 5/11 193

88 Bralon Addison WR Oregon 5/9 197

89 C.J. Prosise RB Notre Dame 6/1 220

90 Travis Feeney OLB Washington 6/4 230

91 Jonathan Jones CB Auburn 5/9 186

92 Sheldon Day DT Notre Dame 6/1 293

93 Tyler Higbee TE Western Kentucky 6/6 249

94 Cole Toner OT Harvard 6/5 306

95 Jihad Ward DE Illinois 6/5 297

96 Spencer Drango OG Baylor 6/6 315

97 Joe Schobert OLB Wisconsin 6/1 244

98 Eric Murray CB Minnesota 5/11 199

99 Daniel Lasco RB California 6/1 209

100 Roger Lewis WR Bowling Green 6/1 201

101 Harlan Miller CB Southeastern Louisiana 6/1 182

102 Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State 6/3 275

103 Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia 6/1 198

104 Scooby Wright III ILB Arizona 6/1 239

105 Rashard Robinson CB LSU 6/1 171

106 Paul McRoberts WR Southeast Missouri State 6/2 202

107 Bryce Williams TE East Carolina 6/6 257

108 Cardale Jones QB Ohio State 6/5 253

109 Kevon Seymour CB Southern California 5/11 186

110 Eric Striker OLB Oklahoma 5/11 227

111 Tyler Ervin RB San Jose State 5/10 192

112 Hassan Ridgeway DT Texas 6/3 303

113 Ronald Blair DE Appalachian State 6/2 284

114 Glenn Gronkowski FB Kansas State 6/2 239

115 Evan Boehm C Missouri 6/2 302

116 Tajae Sharpe WR Massachusetts 6/2 194

117 Fahn Cooper OT Ole Miss 6/4 303

118 Charone Peake WR Clemson 6/2 209

119 Graham Glasgow OG Michigan 6/6 307

120 Jayron Kearse SS Clemson 6/4 216

121 Kelvin Taylor RB Florida 5/10 207

122 Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB Minnesota 5/9 193

123 Tom Hackett P Utah 5/10 198

124 Willie Beavers OT Western Michigan 6/5 321

125 Temarrick Hemingway TE South Carolina State 6/5 244

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